Free Stickers Giveaway – Save the Manatee


Do you want to be a part of the awareness campaign? If yes, then you can give your contribution to the Manatee habit preservation.

Free Stickers Giveaway - Save the Manatee

  • You can get Free Stickers Giveaway – Save the Manateeby just bookmarking the Manatee.
  • You are required to fill in the short form that will include your basic details along with your entire mailing address
  • This offer is currently valid only for the legal residents of United States of America
  • You can also have the authority to receive their bi-monthly Paddle tales E-Newsletter and action alerts announcement

Save the manatee is one of the world’s leading manatee conversation groups which are a non-profit group and membership organization. The club named “Save the manatee” actually raises its funds by carrying out a program called “Adopt A Manatee” in order to create awareness and education projects along with the thorough research for manatee, its rescue and rehabilitation arrangements. All these things require an advocacy along with the apt legal action in order to ensure the absolute safety and protection for manatees along with their entire habitat.

“Adopt A Manatee” program is actually started by Save the manatee club in order to protect the manatees and their habitat. All the funds from the manatee club are used to protect these endangered species. The donations from this great program are used in the rehabilitation, education and research of manatees.“Save the manatee” club also sends the adopters an image of the adopted manatee including the entire biography of it.

So, if you want to get a free sticker from the manatee club and become part of this great initiative then click below:

Free Stickers Giveaway – Save the Manatee


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3 thoughts on “Free Stickers Giveaway – Save the Manatee

  1. Mary Chan

    Such a life saver, I was just looking for this kind of a freebie, thanks a lot. I will follow the instructions and do what you stated above right now, really appreciate you guys serving the community by giving away freebies like this.

  2. mindy

    great giveaway, i love free stickers. Samples mom rocks! I appreciate the nice work you guy put into finding freebies online

  3. Elizabeth

    I just love these stickers. They are so cute and here I got them for free. After reading all the nice comments I can only say, you are the best. Big thanks for the giveaway. Nicely done indeed.

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