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Free Subscription to Seventeen Magazine

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 About Seventeen Magazine

Seventeen is an American magazine for teenagers. It was the first teen magazine established in the United States. The magazine’s reader base is 12–19 year-old females. It began as a publication geared towards inspiring teen girls to become role models in work and citizenship. Soon after its debut, Seventeen took a more fashion and romance-oriented approach in presenting their material, while still maintaining their model of promoting self-confidence in young women. It was first published in September 1944 by Walter Annenberg’s Triangle Publications.

Seventeen ’​s first editor, Helen Valentine, believed it was necessary for the teenage girl to gain some respect in the real world by providing her with a source that would help her acquire understanding of the ways she could make a name for herself in society. Soon enough, it became evident that Seventeen would become a major catalyst in the role that teens have played and continue to play in the consumer market and pop culture. The concept of “teenager” as a distinct demographic segment of the population was a relatively new idea at that time. In July 1944, King Features Syndicate began running the comic strip Teena, created by cartoonist Hilda Terry, in which the trials and tribulations of a typical teenager’s life were portrayed, and Teena ran in newspapers all over the world for 20 years.

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