Free Summer Eve’s Samples


Get a Free Summer’s Eveproduct on your birthday just right after you sign up for their deals and news program. On the occasion of your birthday they will you an email with a coupon and you need to take a print out of that coupon to get Free Summer Eve’s Samples.

Free Summer Eve's Samples

Summer’s Eve is a brand of feminine hygiene products which are produced by the C.B. Fleet Company. Summer’s Eve products give your vagina the care it deserves with the products from the leading name in the vaginal care.


The summer’s Eve products include:

For external cleansing they have:

  • Cleansing wash: Stock your shower with this pH-balanced wash specifically formulated for your delicate vaginal area.
  • Deodorant Spray: It helps to keep your odour and moisture under control with the gynaecologist tested highly scented spray.
  • Body Powder: It provides a silky smooth solution for the moisture and odour control to the area where it counts.
  • Cleansing Cloths: You can stash these clever, pH-balanced cloths in your purseto get freshnessanywhere, anytime.
  • Bath & Shower Gel: Though this lightly scented, hypoallergenic gel is V-friendly but it can be used everywhere.

And for Internal Cleansing they have Douche, which is made with natural ingredients and is extremely gentle and effective.

To claim this offer click on the link below:

Free Summer Eve’s Samples

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