Free Tea Samples from Southern Breeze


Do you want to try the latest tea in the market? This freebie can get you Free Tea Samples from Southern Breeze.

Free Tea Samples from Southern Breeze

  • You can enter in this contest to share the sweetness of the ultimate southern breeze sweet tea among people
  • You can have the golden chance to win this freebie for yourself and for your friend too
  • You just need to fill the form with your basic details followed by your entire mailing address
  • Only 10,000 lucky people will win the free sample of tea
  • You can enter in this contest only once and if you are lucky enough to win this contest then you will get a free sample of southern breeze tea for yourself and your friend
  • This offer is available only to the legal residents of the United States
  • There is a limit of one sample per winner per household per email address
  • This offer will expire on 19th April, 2015 so make sure enter in this contest before the due date

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea, as the name says, is entirely inspired by the South. It is sweet, relaxed, refreshing just like the breeze of a fresh air. Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is nothing but a glass of refreshment served with sweetness and is made with real tea leaves deposited in a tea bag which you can have by pouring the hot water in it.

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea contains everything a sweet tea should have. You will find that it already contains the sweetener in the bag and moreover it contains zero calories so you never have to worry about the fat issue and can enjoy it to the fullest.

The sweetener in Southern Breeze Sweet Tea bag allows you to enjoy every sip of the glass and satisfies your thirst to the max. Apart from the sweetener, what you will find in each tea bag of southern tea is the real tea leaves. Isn’t it amazing? The sweetener ensures that every sip you take will be as sweet as honey so that you will crave for another cup of tea.

  • Just boil one quart of water and you need to brew it for approx. 4-5 minutes
  • Then toss the tea bags and add no sugar because it is already there in the tea bag
  • Add ice to make it two quarts. That’s it

Click on the link below to grab the sample:

Free Tea Samples from Southern Breeze

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