Free Tea Samples at Teavana


Are you ready to celebrate National Hot Tea Month?


Free Tea Samples at Teavana

  • Teavana, a speciality tea and tea accessory retailer, is inviting the customers to come and participate in the Green tea tasting journey and receive Free Tea Samples at Teavana.
  • On the coming 17th January, 2015 they are promoting themselves by providing their trademark sample Winterberry green tea blend for free.
  • The supplies are limited so most likely you will get it on first come first serve basis
  • The Winterberry green tea blend will be available in all the stores of Teavana
  • Upon participation in the green tea tasting experience you will receive a free handcrafted Winterberry iced tea (22 fl. oz) or hot tea (16 fl. Oz) on Saturday, 17th January, 2015
  • There is a limit of only one free handcrafted Winterberry beverage per customer

Winterberry is an absolute mixture of finest quality green which is infused with little flavours of strawberry and citrus. Teavana deals with teas of multiple flavours which are:

  • White Teas
  • Black Teas
  • Green Teas
  • Rooibos Teas
  • Oolong Teas
  • Chai Teas
  • Herbal Teas

Teavana retail stores mostly offer several blends of each type of tea which in turn promote cross blending multiple types of teas. In addition to tea, Teavana also deals in selling tea accessories such as tea pot sets, tea storage tins, cups, mugs, travel tumblers, cast iron, kettles, d├ęcor, appliances and a lot more. Further it also sells rock sugar which is sourced from Germany.

So, are you ready to taste one of the amazing teas that will not only refresh you but also provides one of the best tastes ever? Click on the link below to request your free sample:

Free Tea Samples at Teavana

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  1. Erin R. Hunter

    Oh my God, I just love their tea. They taste so perfect and the best thing is I’ve ordered online from them but never knew they offered free samples when you place your order. I guess I have you to thank Samplesmom!

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