Free Tena Samples Giveaway


Hurry up guys! The Free Tenaproducts Sample packs are still available to request. The items included in each package may vary.

Free Tena Samples Giveaway

The Free Tena Samples Giveaway pack includes the following:


  • Tena Wipes
  • Tena Wash (For loved ones and Caregivers)
  • Undergarments

Don’t have email address? Don’t worry as you can still order your samples by calling at this number: 1-800-510-2601.

What you need to do is:

  • Answer two quick questions and get a free Tena trial kit
  • Each kit contains samples which are specifically designed for men or women according to their varied lifestyles
  • Choose the kit that is best for you

Tena is a Swedish based brand of the SCA group that specializes in products for adults with urinary or fecal incontinence such as diapers and pads. It also produces one youth diaper brand which is especially for the teenagers and big children. Tena has specific lines for retail and health care and they can be found at grocery, drug and discount stores.

They understand what it’s like to live with the unexpected leak. And that is why they have designed personal care system by keeping your needs in mind. To get their samples click below:

Free Tena Samples Giveaway


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