Free Tesia Tea Cups Sample Giveaway


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Tesia offers series of teas which are included under the Formosa series. The variety of teas provided by the Tesia is:

  • Green Tea: It is already famous for its numerous benefits on human health and has a delicate and refreshing flavour to make your day perfect.
  • Oolong Tea: It is a smooth and little warm tea with a flavour of sweet fruits in it.
  • Roasted Oolong Tea: It has an earthy flavour and its long lasting fragrance can mesmerize your senses for hours.
  • Black Tea: Its unique caramel flavour can set it apart from other black teas.
  • Variety Pack: It includes four flavours from the Formosa series.

Free Tesia Tea Cups Sample Giveaway

Tesia is one of the finest companies that produce a line of products which consists of natural teas. These natural teas are made from the highest quality ingredients from across the globe. Tea can always be enjoyed in its purest form that is why they don’t add any artificial additives or chemicals in their teas. In order to provide purity, authenticity and integrity in their teas they avoid the harmful preservatives that can affect your health.

In the manufacturing of such teas, Tesia always use the finest quality products along with extremely pure and natural ingredients that can create delicious and healthy teas.

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Free Tesia Tea Cups Sample Giveaway


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