Free Tetley Tea Box Samples (Facebook)


This is the funniest freebie ever made. This is one is kind of weird in that it requires you to a take selfie of you drinking tea and post it on Tetley’s Facebook wall. It can be really anything in a tea cup I guess. Most important thing is that people believe your drinking. So coffee, hot chocolate or anything hot in a teacup probably works as well.

Free Tetley Tea Box Samples (Facebook)

Get your sample

Open this Facebook Page for Free Tea Samples and post your selfie to get the sample. Get Free Tetley Tea Box Samples now. Show your bravery and post your selfie drinking tea to get your special sample.

About Tetley Tea

Tetley purchases millions of pounds of tea each week for our different blends of tea. These teas come from as many as 35 different countries and as many as 10,000 different estates. Tetley selects only the finest tea leaves to produce our exceptional quality blends.

Tetley tea tasters, who are responsible for buying and blending our teas, taste up to 1,000 different teas per day to determine their suitability. Our team of buyers and blenders are acknowledged as one of the most expert in the world, with over 80 years of experience between them.Tetley USA is owned by The Tetley Group, an overseas subsidiary of Tata Tea. The group is in the worldwide branded and packaged tea business, and Tetley is the second-largest teabag brand in the world.

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