Free Walmart Samples


Are you looking out for Free Walmart Samples? Well, then you have landed at the right place. Walmart gives you an opportunity to grab plenty of samples for absolutely free.

Free Walmart Samples

Walmart’s free sample program lets you to grab a lot of free stuff. All you need to do is to request the samples of your favourite products and you will get it within no time. Most of the companies send these samples to the Walmart in order to promote their products and send it to people like you.

There are plenty of samples posted on the web portal of Walmart, some of may have expired or gone out of stock because of the excessive demand. So, be sure that you check their web portal frequently so that you will get to know about the free samples available.

This time Walmart provides you two samples:

  • New Equate Dri-Fit ($1off coupon)
  • Free Cloth and Cleaner (Clip coupon): You will get a Clip coupon for free cloth and cleaner for your glasses only at Walmart. At their Walmart Vision Center Guarantee you can even exchange or repair your broken glasses within twelve months of your purchase

You can try the next level of protection with the New Equate Dri-Fit and get $1 off coupon. The cotton enhanced liners and pads provide you an absolute level of protection and comfort like never before. This type of product is specially designed with the new technology that not only offers a softer, moisture surface but also helps to get rid of any irritation related to skin. Thus providing leak free protection to the people who wears it.

You can choose the products according to the level of protection you require such as:

  • Liners are used for the light absorbency
    • Specially made for light bladder leakage
    • Keeps you fresh and clean with the help of Sure Dry layer
    • Plus the Dri-Lock feature entirely locks up the odor and the moisture
  • Pads are perfect for the people who want moderate absorbency
    • Designed to provide you protection from light to maximum absorbency
    • Locks up the moisture and the odor
    • Wrapped separately to provide you convenience
  • Underwear is designed to provide maximum absorbency
    • Designed only for women
    • Gives you a feel and fit like real underwear
    • Instantly absorb the wetness and prevents odor from forming

To avail this exciting offer and to increase your savings click on the below link:

Free Walmart Samples

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