Free Water Test Strips


Do you have hard water? If you don’t know don’t worry as you can check it via Free Water Test Strips.

Free Water Test Strips Free Water Test Strips

  • You can get Free Water Test Strips from Mortan Salt by just filling out the form with your basic details
  • After submitting the form your request will be sent
  • It will take around eight to ten weeks for shipping
  • This offer is available only for the legal residents of United States and Canada

Mortan Salt will send you a water test strip which will check whether you have hard water or you need water softener or not? It will help you to find out whether you have any issues of hard water or not. With the help of test strip you can evaluate the water hardness.

Mortan Salt is a well-known American company which is producing salt for food, agriculture, water conditioning, road/highway and industrial use.Mortan Salt Company is based in Chicago and is one of the leading producer and marketer of salt in North America.

Mortan Salt is committed to bring positive social change by supporting some community organizations and launching a campaign on winter pet safety along with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They offer iodized salt at no extra cost and are also working with big groups such as UNICEF and have been assisting in order to end the iodine deficiency worldwide.Accessing the iodized salt saves approx. 90 million new born babies against the significant diseases which were caused by the iodine deficiency.

So, if you also want to test the hardness of your water then click on the link below:

Free Water Test Strips

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