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Calling all the people who just love spending their time by reading good books, there is a great opportunity for you to grab a great collection of eBooks and that too for free. Yes, that’s right, you can read these Kindle eBooks on any of the wireless devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, Mac, Personal computer, iPad, Windows 7 phone, Android and several other devices with the help of free Kindle application.

These Kindle eBooks are totally free of cost at the time of posting but the Kindle prices vary frequently so you have to be sure about the balance which should be $0 before you checkout. Most important, when the books say free with prime, it means that they are only free for Amazon prime members so you have to be careful about that before going for free editions.

free kindle ebooks

Kindle app provides you the leverage to read the eBooks anywhere and anytime, thus providing you the flexibility to read at your own place and time. This app is compatible with almost all of the smartphones, computers and tablets. By just installing on your device you will have access to the great collection of eBooks.

The Free eBooks covers the following categories:

  • Cooking eBooks
  • Children eBooks
  • Drama/fiction eBooks
  • Thriller eBooks
  • Science Fiction eBooks
  • Religious eBooks
  • Romance eBooks
  • Horror eBooks
  • Humor eBooks
  • Business eBooks
  • Biographies eBooks
  • History eBooks
  • Fantasy eBooks
  • eBooks

Under all of the categories included the high rated eBooks that will benefit you in great way. You just need to follow the simple steps by clicking on the link below in order to have access to the free eBooks.

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