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Request now to get your Seventh Generation free touch of cloth diapers sample at your doorstep. What you need to do is, show them the picture of your sweet little baby or your baby bump on the websites Instagram or Twitter along with the hashtag #touchofclothdiapers to get your free sample pack. You can even choose the size you’d like to receive. But make sure you use a new image with the hashtag in the caption so that they are able to track correctly. Moreover, your accounts of Instagram and twitter must be public for the promotion of the product.

Here’s How To Get Your Free diaper samples:

  • Free Seventh Generation diapers sample pack includes two diapers per person.
  • cloth diapers are the disposable diapers that offer superb comfort to the child and the ultimate absorbency with a unique wicking layer that instantly pulls the wetness or the moisture away from the child’s skin.
  • It also includes a high capacity core which absorbs the 3X a standard wetting.

The cotton fibers which are used in the Touch of Cloth Disposable Diapers can be cleaned without the use of any chemicals. Free cloth diapers are without any fragrances, inks or the petroleum based lotions and is clinically proven gentle and disposable baby diapers. The baby’s skin is quite delicate so it should be handled with extra care that is why the diaper’s back sheet is made with the unbleached cotton to offer the child a gentle and delicate feel.

Rush now to get your free Seventh Generation diapers sample pack by visiting the below mentioned link and uploading a photo of your child.
Free Diapers from Seventh Generation

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