Get Free 2014 Christmas Seals


Hey Guys! Here is an amazing Christmas freebie for you all!
You will have the chance to order the free Christmas seals for the year 2014 from the American Lung Association. In order to grab these seals, all you have to do is to fill out a simple form that includes your name, email along with the mailing address. These are absolutely perfect for anyone who has plans to send out Christmas cards this year.

free Christmas Seals

Today, the American Lung Association fights a bigger battle than ever before. Starting from the vital research on the diseases like asthma and lung cancer to the fights against the dangerous poisons in the air pollution and second hand smoke, this crucial mission of the American Lung Association is largely supported by the Christmas seals.

So come forward and be a part of the long standing tradition to raise the awareness among the people across the world about the importance of the lung health by ordering the free Christmas seals today. In order to get the free 2014 Christmas seals you just need to fill in the short form. Click on the below link to get started:

Christmas seals are basically the labels that are placed on mail during the Christmas season in order to raise the funds and the awareness for the charitable programs. They have become particularly associated with the lung diseases such as the tuberculosis and the child welfare. Christmas seals are also regarded as a form of the Cinderella stamp in contrast with the Christmas stamps used for postage.

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