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Get Free 2015 Four Paws Calendar

Four Paws is an international animal welfare charity. Their vision is a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and with sensible understanding.


Four Paws mission is to be strong, global and independent voice for all the animals which are under human control. They:

  • Create sustainable solutions for all the animals in need
  • Touch hearts and helps in changing consumer behaviour
  • Drive legal changes
  • Build powerful partnerships

They aim to fulfil these goals via their projects and campaigns which provide short term and long term solutions for the several species of animals in need. Their campaigns mostly consist of creating better living conditions for the farm animals, laboratory animals, companion animals and the wild animals. The fact that most of the decisions about the welfare of the animals are made at a European level so they focus their efforts mostly towards European policy makers in order to influence or inspire their beliefs in favour of the animals.

The goal of their national and international projects is to provide direct guidance to the animals in need and that is why their team rescues the animals and rehomes them in the sanctuaries: a place where they can comfortably recover in a natural environment. Four paws have four sanctuaries in which several bears have found a home for their entire life.

Four Paws is distributing free calendar 2015 and you just need to fill out a short form to avail this offer. Click on the following link to get free calendar 2015:


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