Thrilling winters have arrived and Christian community is going to enjoy their holydays in December. So why not to transform these holydays into yummy ones? As Gummy Bear have acquired a certain level of likeness among public, so it would be so delighting if one gets a pile of these candies to relish the chilled winters. It can be a wonderful opportunity for kids who love to eat Gummy Bears. If you are inhabitant of Texas, Oklahoma or New Mexico, get a print of following coupon and savour the fiesta of your holydays.

Free Bag of Monkey Loco Candy

By printing this coupon, you will get a bag of monkey loco candy that can be enjoyed in your leisure time, while watching TV or driving a car in dark and snowy weather of December. Now winter evenings will no more be depressive ones as you can go to nearby Stripes store to get these sweet and scrummy candies and celebrate a sugary party with your little ones. So, don’t miss this opportunity and click on the link below. You will see an image of a coupon. You need to get its printout and take it to Stripes store.

Enjoy wonderful celebrations with Gummy Bears and make your shivering moments into memorable ones. Don’t waste a moment and print the coupon. If you want to gift your children in these winters, it would be a golden opportunity to please the little hearts. To get the coupon, click below:


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