Get Free Cake at Shoney’s


What would you say if I tell you there is a coming day when you can eat delicious fudge cake for free? Still not interested in the offer? So what would you say if these cakes are made by Shoney’s? I can see your saliva from here. Shoney’s organizes a national free hot fudge cake day on this 4th December.  Imagine that you can eat as much as you want hot fudge cake at Shoney’s for free. It is a tremendous experience you won’t miss.

Free Cake at Shoneys

How to get it?

It is easy peasy. Go here, check the nearest Shoney’s restaurant from your address and be there on coming 4th December. Enjoy your cake time. Don’t miss free cake at Shoney’s. It is not every day you have the chance to eat delicious cakes for free.

What others ignore about Shoney’s

Shoney’s began as a simple restaurant in Charleston, West Virginia;they’ve grown enough to become one of the nation’s bestoccasional dining destinations, with hundreds of restaurants in 16 states. Shoney’s restaurant is not like any other typical restaurant. Shoney’s restaurant serves the top quality, ultra fresh American food at aunique value in a shimmering friendly atmosphere. It considers each guest as a part of family – you will feel the warmness and the respect once inside. You will have that feeling of belong to something special and friendly. Even professionally, it is a wonderful place to work in. That’s what workers said about Shoney’s restaurants.


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