Get Free Cookies and Sandwiches


Are you ready to lose your weight by eating Subway sandwiches? If yes, then this freebie is just for you can get Subway if you join their Rewards club.When you join their rewards club and activate your card, you will be eligible for the 50 rewards points and you can redeem those points to getFree Cookies and Sandwiches.

Get Free Cookies and Sandwiches

Here’s how you can spend those points:

  • 0 points for cookie
  • 15 points for a Bag of chips
  • 20 points for a fountain drink (21oz)
  • 30 points for a Bottled Beverage (8oz, 15.2oz, 20oz)
  • 30 points for a coffee (12oz, 16oz)
  • 35 points for a 6” Breakfast Sandwich
  • 50 points for 6” Sandwich or Flatizza

You just need to register your SUBWAY Card to take advantage of all sorts of great food.

Here’s how it works:

  • Register: By registering you can start increasing your points
  • Earn: The next step is to swipe your card and get one point for every $1 spent
  • Redeem: You can redeem the points you earned to get your favourite drink, salad

The benefits you will get as member are:

  • 50 free bonus points after registration process
  • Earn one point per $1 spent, and redeem those points for your favourite foods
  • You can also get bonus offer and a special treat on your birthday
  • You can use your mobile number in case you forget your card

So, are you ready to register for the subway rewards member and earn 50 free bonus points? Click on the link below:

Get Free Cookies and Sandwiches


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One thought on “Get Free Cookies and Sandwiches

  1. Kitti Felix

    Another great freebie by Samplesmom! I’ve entered the contest few days ago and currently have 30 pts. I want to get 50 pts but I’m not sure which is better to get Sandwich or Flatizza? Anyways, great contents, so much fun!

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