Get Free NikwashBaseFresh or Waterproofing Wax for Leather Samples


To grab a free Nikwax Samples you need to answer the questions correctly but even if you can’t be able to give the answers correctly, that’s okay too because you will have the power to change your answers if you get them wrong and you can try them again until you get all of them right. You can use the clues tab that can help you to get through the quiz.

Get Free NikwashBaseFresh or Waterproofing Wax for Leather Samples

If you played this quiz less than three months ago then you are not able to do this again but you can visit every two months and get your free Nikwax samples.

To get a Free NikwaxBaseFresh Sample click on the following link:

BaseFresh is the deodorizing conditioner for the technical underwear, wicking clothing and base layers that:

  • Enhances the wicking properties of the base layers
  • Easy to use in the washing machine at home
  • Prevents the odor build up
  • Works amazingly with your household detergent to remove stubborn stains
  • Absolutely safe for the environment

In order to get the free Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather Sample you need to click on the following link and play the quiz.

Washing with NikwaxBaseFresh lets you:

  • Revitalises the wicking properties of base layers keeping you comfortable
  • Maintains freshness by preventing the odor build up when in use
  • Suitable for all the base layers and technical underwear worn next to skin
  • Refreshes the base layers by deodorising

So, to grab the samples you just need to play the simple quiz by giving the correct answers.


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