Grab 5 Free Tena Products Sample Pack


Do you want to try the Tena products? Well, here is your golden chance to try these products and that too free of cost. They are offering a great freebie sample pack that also contains free wipes. The items included in the sample pack may vary.

In order to grab the free wipes including the entire package you need to click on the button that says “Get a free trial kit” and follow the steps mentioned on their web portal to grab your free sample.

free tena samples kit - wipes, undergarments

The entire sample contains:

  • Tena Wipes
  • Tena Wash (For Caregivers/ Loved ones)
  • 3 Undergarments

You will also have the chance to select between their $7 Tena pads coupon and the $14 Tena underwear coupon, or you can make use of their $1 printable Tena coupon which let you save on any Tena product.

You need to answer the two questions quickly to grab a free Tena trial kit for yourself. Each kit of Tena contains samples which are specifically designed for both men and women and supports different types of lifestyles. So, you need to choose the kit that is right for you. Moreover, you can also have the high coupons that will be directly mailed to your home and then pick them up totally free at the Walmart.

Hurry up, this offer is still available. Moreover, you can also request coupons every six months. If you don’t have an email address, you can call at 1-800-510-2601 to order your sample kit.

To get your sample click on the below link:,en_US,pg.html

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