How to Find US Passport Book Number?


United States passports are the kind of passports that are issued only to the citizens and non- citizen nationals of the United States. They are in booklet form which is exclusively issued by the U.S. Department of the state to its residents. A legal resident of the United States is not allowed to enter or exit the United States without a valid passport of U.S. with them.

How to Find US Passport Book Number?

They can take the passport to travel anywhere across the globe but sometimes there is visa required to travel to other countries. There is no kind of restriction by the U.S. law to the United States citizens from holding passports of other countries but it is necessary for the U.S. citizens to use their U.S. passport in order to enter or exit U.S.

Each U.S. passport contains some personal info such as your name, place of birth, your signature, your date of birth and your gender.Each of the passports has a unique number that is associated with the bearer’s name. That exclusive number is very important and used to find the passport holder, check the travel plans and to register them at the foreign embassies.

That unique number is found on the passport info page. If you have a new passport issued for use in countries between Canada, the United States, Caribbean and Mexico, it will have the same number as you have in your passport book.

Most of the people are not able to locate the number on their passports. Read on to find where the passport number located is:

  • The first step to find the U.S. passport book number is to open the second page of your passport which contains the user information.
  • Then if you look across the top of the information page you will see United States of America printed in big font
  • You will see there is a line under the text “United States of America” where its written Passport No./ No. du Passeport/ No. de Pasaporte
  • Underneath that line you will find the 9 digit passport book number
  • The newly issued passport cards for North America have the passport number situated in the upper right corner

Your passport book number is required for the following purposes:

  • Verification: Your passport is the only number that helps the state department to confirm your identity. When you arrive in U.S. from another country then your passport number is scanned to verify your identity. It is also used when you apply for visa or even a job.
  • Booking International Flights: In order to book an international flight a valid passport number is required. Though all the airlines don’t require this information at the time of booking but it would be better if you provide them.
  • Locating your Passport: You must have a copy of your passport or have vital info noted down on paper for future reference including your passport number so that if your passport gets stolen replacing it will be a lot simpler if you have that unique number.

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