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Being overweight has a lot of disadvantages. A lot of my readers ask me about losing weight, so I decided to share my take on how to lose weight in 4 weeks.

I have been chubby for most of my married life and I never liked it. I guess being a busy wife and mother of two can do that. So about 6 months back, I decided it was time for a change! I wanted to lose weight fast and transform my body in a month. This is how I looked 6 months back..

Weight loss - 4 weeks before

My goal was to lose 23 pounds (10 kgs) in 4 weeks. In case you are wondering, Why 23 pounds? It is the weight I needed to lose, to reach my ideal weight. And in case you’re wondering if I succeeded, Yes I did achieve my goal! I lost 23 lbs in 4 weeks & consider this to be one of my biggest achievements. Here’s how I look now..

weight loss - after 4 weeks

How To Lose Weight In 4 weeks With a Diet

A diet is the most important factor to lose those extra pounds. Here’s is exactly the Diet that I followed & How it transformed my body.. 

  • My plan was to follow a Clear & Concise diet plan and exercise a bit to get more results. I researched about the best diet programs since I wanted to follow a system Proven to work.
  • After spending a lot of time reading about top 6-7 diet programs, I finalized on 3 week diet. I had first learned about it on Facebook (one of my friend was following this diet).
  • After reading about this Diet on FB, I then kept reading more till I was sure of it. The diet seemed to be very genuine. So I finally purchased it on their Official Website Here. It cost me $47 to buy.
  • I followed everything my diet said, for 3 weeks. If you are in the same boat as I was, my advice is – Go for it! 3 Week Diet is a good one and quite easy to follow. It tells you EXACTLY what you need to eat, how much, when and in what quantities.

Final Words on Diet – Dieting & Eating right definitely helps you lose weight fast, but a diet should be a one that you can follow long term. My diet plan helped me achieve exactly the same. You don’t need to starve yourself to get lean. A good diet, such as mine will make sure of this.

At Home Exercises To Lose Weight in 4 weeks

how to lose weight in 4 weeks

Most people trying to lose weight are unable to meet their goals. I realized this is due to not being active. Diet’s work very well but if you exercise, the results are achieved even faster and the transformation is of a much greater degree. With my diet and workouts, today I am in the best shape I have ever been in.

I didn’t buy a plan/book for workouts. I just chose 3 simple cardio exercises that I knew were effective. It took around 30 minutes a day on an average to do my workouts.

  1. Running: I ran 15-20 minutes four times a week. I did not go to a gym, you don’t need to as well! Running burns a lot of calories and it is fun. If you don’t like to run, a fast walk should do just fine.
  2. Rope jumping / Skipping: I’m not very fond of it, but I did it as I felt it is very effective. Skipping doesn’t need fancy equipment – which is one of the reasons I stuck with it. 2-3 times a week for 10 minutes is all you need!
  3. Ab Workouts (optional): I chose this because pregnancy left my stomach skin kind of squishy and strechy. Ab exercises are great for burning fat around your belly & you can easily find 2-3 such workouts on youtube. Crunches, Leg raise and Heel touches are good for abs. I did this 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

How To Lose Weight in 4 Weeks Without Exercising

Find exercising boring? Don’t have to the time? These can be genuine reasons for many people. However don’t let these reasons stop you!

I have a friend who is superfit! (See pic below) She has never been to gym in her entire life, but she is super active and looks stunning. So if you find working out as a tedious chore, don’t do it. Just be active. Play tennis or go for a swim. Swimming is a great activity that helps you shed weight really fast. Any activity that requires work and is not boring for you, should be Good.

losing weight without exervcise

Final Words on Working Out 
Not everyone loves exercising or has the time to do it and it is OK! If you don’t want to workout, It is OK too.. Just make sure you follow a good diet and have an active lifestyle. As long as you’re not sitting all day long, you’re already burning calories.

Working out will help you shed that stubborn fat faster & you will feel stronger. However, if you don’t want to exercise, then don’t force yourself to do it.

10 Tips To Lose Weight in a weeks
Apart from your Diet, Activity and Lifestyle.. there are some Teeny-Tiny tips on shedding that extra fat, getting a flat belly and living healthy. I followed these myself and it works WONDERS!

  • Follow your diet plan. If you already don’t have one, I recommend check out My diet’s plan Website – 3 Week Diet
  • Drink lots of water. It is very important to stay hydrated as it will help you shed those extra pounds easily by boosting your metabolism.
  • Avoid Drinking Alcohol – Everyone loves having a cold beer, every now and then! However, alcohol has a very high content of Sugar (carbohydrates) which turn into fat if not burnt.
  • Don’t consume processed food Processed stuff & fast food is very unhealthy and can destroy all the efforts you are making to get rid of that unwanted weight.
  • Keep Realistic Goals: while it is good to aim high, having unrealistic goals will make you feel like you are not doing enough. Weight loss is a gradual thing and if you have un reasonable goals for body transformation, like losing 50 pounds in a month – Then you will end up disappointing yourself, and Quitting.
  • Eat at regular Intervals: Make sure you have 6-8 small meals instead of 3 big ones. Eat when you are hungry. This gives your stomach time to digest your food and when you get hungry your body burn some extra calories.
  • Clear out Junk Food from cupboards: Unhealthy food items such as chocolates, crisps, soda and sweets can be very tempting. It’s best to get rid of them from your home, else you will end up cheating on your diet program.
  • Veggies So Good! Eating vegetables has more advantages than I could explain here. When you are trying to lose weight fast, food items like carrots, cherry tomatoes, corn and celery sticks are your best friends. Trust me, these food items form the core of any fat loss diet there is.
  • Start Your Meals with Salad: Salad is 50-90% water. When you start your meals with salad, you consume less main course and hence lesser calories. So stock up on lettuce and cucumber!
  • Never Skip your Breakfast: Breaking the fast (hence Breakfast) is the most important meal of the day. Never skip breakfast to lose weight, else you will end up gaining more! A good breakfast like yoghurt, low fat cheese, baked bean, whole grain toast or poached eggs will help you beat cravings and keep your energy levels high throughout the day.

Diets To Lose Weight in 4 weeks

I’ve already spoken about my journey of losing 23 pounds in just 28 day with the 3 week Diet Plan. Other Than 3 Week Diet, Here are some more diet programs that I felt were worthy of a mention. Here is how to lose weight in 4 weeks with best diet plans:

  • Venus Factor Diet
    Venus factor Diet is Among the most popular diet plans. 2 of my friends have tried Venus factor and swear by it. It costs the same ($47) as 3 week diet plan. The reason why I didn’t buy Venus factor is – My friends already have this product and I wanted to go for something that has been launched more recently, So I chose  The 3 week diet plan Instead.
    Diets To Lose Weight - 1
    My Rating for Venus Factor Diet is 4.5 / 5 Stars! (Rating Based on effectiveness, ease of use & price of the Diet Plan)
    Click Here to Visit Venus Factor Official Website
  • E-Factor Diet
    I had the chance to review this diet recently, when I was with one of my friends co-workers (who had purchased this diet plan). The e-factor diet is about what you should be eating. It focuses on Importance of proteins, Vegetables and Drinking Plenty of water. Apart from that it also focuses on how to stay away from the food items that is unhealthy for you.
    Diets To Lose Weight - 2
    My Rating for E-Factor Diet is 4 / 5 Stars! (Rated again based on effectiveness, ease of use & price of the diet program)
    Click Here to E Diet Factor Official Website.

I’ve learned a lot in past 5 months, since my weight loss journey. If you’re not so much into diets and need a clear & concise Workout plan, then here are some exercise plans that may be of use –

How To Lose Weight in 4 weeks with Workouts

After researching of more than 10 Workout programs, we selected 2 workout programs that are genuine and work effectively for fat loss & muscle building.

  • Bikini Body Workouts
    If you’ve been unhappy due to lack of results or being out of shape since a long time – You might want to look at this program. For any woman who wants to get into that Bikini for that Beach vacation, this program will do the trick! This Workout program for Women has been chosen as a Winner among the Top 6 programs we reviewed for weight loss. Thousands of user’s swear by Bikini body workouts program – I suggest you check them out out once.Workout Programs To Lose Weight in WeeksMy Rating for Bikini Body Workouts Program is 5 / 5 Stars! (Rating Based on effectiveness, ease of use & price of the Workout Plan)
    Click Here to Visit Bikini Body Workouts Official Website
  • Adonis Golden Ratio System (For Men)
    This program developed by John Barban (one of the foremost nutrition experts) has helped thousands of people around the world. It has a very unique approach to muscle building and dealing with genetic body fat. Adonis Golden ration helps you build muscles in the right body parts according to your height/weight ratio. We recommend you visit their Official website here once to learn more about it.
    Workout Programs To Lose Weight in a MonthMy Rating for Adonis Golden Ratio system is 4.5 / 5 Stars! (Rating Based on effectiveness, ease of use & price of the Diet Plan)
    Click Here to Adonis Golden Ratio Official Website

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  1. sharona

    Great post. Very motivating and thoughtful.. I want to lose weight in 4 weeks and always wondered how to do it right. These tips will surely help me lose some extra pounds!

    Thanks for the detailed write-up!

  2. lisa p.

    Great tips about fat loss and increasing metabolism. And yes, I totally agree with you that losing weight without going to gym is possible 🙂 Swimming, running and sports are the best way to do it.

    Also, I’ve tried 3 week diet plan as listed by you in past and I vouch for it. It’s very effective.

    Thanks for such an informative post!

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