Kindle eBooks Downloads


Guys, there is new stock available of Kindle eBooks Downloads that you can take advantage of by reading your favourite eBooks. You can read them anywhere at the comfort of your own time. You can also download the Kindle Application for free to access the eBooks.

Kindle eBooks Downloads

Below is the list of free Kindle eBooks Downloads available:

High Rated Kindle eBooks

  • Riser by Becca C Smith
  • A Dead Red Oleander by RP Dahlke
  • Wolf Fever by MillyTaiden
  • First Do No Harm by A. Turk
  • Harry and the Hot Lava by Chris Robertson
  • Rozalyn 2: Vengeance of the Heart by Shan
  • Rozalyn 3 by Shan
  • Marked By The Alpha Wolf by Scarlett Grove
  • Take Revenge or Die by David Methvin Pierce
  • Sky City: The Rise of an Orphan by R. D. Hale
  • That Girl Started Her Own Country by Holy Ghost Writer
  • The Not So Secret Emails Of Coco Pinchard by Robert Bryndza

Cooking/Food Kindle eBooks

  • Salad Recipes
  • 101 Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes
  • Sugar Free Diet
  • Easy Coffee Cake Recipes
  • Gluten Free
  • Dash Diet For Beginners Guide
  • Flat Breads and Pizza

Children’s/Teen Kindle eBooks

  • Eric the Medic
  • Nobody Can Take My Happy Away
  • We’re Going to the Farm
  • Adventures of Jack
  • Surviving: Post Apocalyptic America
  • Blood Orange Soda
  • To Dance Once More
  • Chronicles Of Kilix
  • CRYSTALS: Healing Energy
  • Love yourself-your life depends on it

Drama/fiction Kindle eBooks

  • ‘Bout Last Night
  • Four Wishes
  • Unlucky in Love
  • A Child A Mother Should Love Volume One
  • The Unspoken Series: Box Set
  • Cara’s House

Thriller/Mystery/Action Kindle eBooks

  • I Kill Rich People
  • Proximity: A Novel of the Navy’s Elite Bomb Squad
  • Undercover: Secret of Luck
  • MURDER: Death in Sandton
  • CATch a Killer
  • Take a Chance or Die
  • Broken Trust
  • A.A.R.P.S FURY
  • Bingo You’re Dead

Science Fiction Kindle eBooks

  • 12 DAYS – BOOK ONE
  • Perfect Me
  • I’m Only Human
  • Venus Rising
  • Phase One

Fantasy Kindle eBooks

  • Chasing the Lantern
  • Tiger House
  • Cedric the Demonic Knight
  • Jevic and The Stone
  • The Seamstress and the Sable Knight
  • Tempo Rubato ~: Stolen Time

History Kindle eBooks

  • ROME: Ancient Rome
  • Tanks for the Memories
  • DRONES: Unmanned Ariel Vehicles
  • The Pier

Biographies/Memoirs Kindle eBooks

  • Mother’s House Payment – A Memoir
  • Elon Musk
  • Norma Jean’s Sun, Memoir
  • Strictly G.I.
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Hoping For Rain

Business Kindle eBooks

  • FINANCE: How to Differentiate Success from Failure
  • Confidence
  • Master Your Money
  • eBay Business For Beginners
  • 3D Printing Business
  • Freelance Writing
  • Scrum QuickStart Guide

Humor Kindle eBooks

  • Why Your Flight Attendant Hates You
  • The Little Girl Who Couldn’t Stop Farting
  • How to Make People Laugh
  • Yo Mama Jokes


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