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Do you love cooking? Well, you can access loads of Kindle eBooks Downloads that can help you to learn several yummy dishes and by preparing those dishes you can impress the people around you. The amazing part of this freebie is that you can access these eBooks from anywhere and anytime. Plus you can download the Kindle Application for free to access the eBooks at your comfort.

Kindle eBooks Downloads

The free Kindle eBooks Downloads are:

High Rated Kindle eBooks

  • Fate Interrupted by Kaitlyn Cross
  • A Cry of Honor by Morgan Rice
  • Catnapped by Patricia Fry
  • Gathering Water by Regan Claire
  • Temptation by Robin Covington
  • Death by Betrayal by Jaden Skye
  • The Pattern Ship by Tobias Roote
  • The Start of Us by Lauren Blakely
  • Be the Ultimate Assistant by Bonnie Low-Kramen
  • Cookie Indulgence: 150 Easy Cookie Recipes by Bonnie Scott

Cooking/Food Kindle eBooks

  • Country Baking Quick Breads and Muffins
  • 35 Recipes For Comforting Winter Soups – Easy Homemade Soups For Wintertime
  • Vegan Slow Cooker – Easy, Delicious, Nutritious Hands-Off Cooking For Busy People
  • Paleo Freezer: Delicious, Fix & Freeze, Gluten-Free, Paleo Recipes for Busy People
  • Cooking with Cast Iron Skillets: Timeless and Delicious Family Recipes
  • Vegan Casserole Recipes: The Down-home Goodness Of A Baked Casserole Recreated For Vegans
  • The Ten Day Fast: The Secret Guide to the Number One Fast that will Melt away the Fat and Revitalize Your Health
  • Classic Cocktails & Modern Mixology: Drink Recipes – The Bitter Tender’s Cocktail Spirit Journey Beginners Guide

Children’s/Teen Kindle eBooks

  • Cat Land: Midnight’s Gambit
  • Sharks: Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts on Animals in Nature
  • Good Night, Animals: Children’s Picture Books
  • Five
  • Children’s Book: The Honest King and Other Stories: Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Bedtime Story Book

Drama/fiction Kindle eBooks

  • In Polyester Pajamas
  • Through The Storm
  • Hens and Chickens
  • The Pen Pal: Volume 1: Story #2/ Pen Pal Series
  • Suicide City, A Love Story
  • Granny Smith Investigates: The little old lady who solves crime
  • Little Trouble in Tall Tree
  • Couple Friends
  • S. Army Mage Corps: Sword
  • Rain, Rain, Go Away

Thriller/Mystery/Action Kindle eBooks

  • Raney & Levine
  • California Schemin’: She’s on a Killer Vacation
  • The Night of Knives
  • The Bad Lady
  • Extreme Heat Warning: A Shallow End Gals Trilogy, Book Two
  • Savior
  • The Spook House
  • Ride to Redemption
  • Wildcat
  • Sentari: Ice
  • The Keeper
  • The Secret Society of Like-Minded Individuals

Science Fiction Kindle eBooks

  • Zera and the Green Man
  • Splintered Energy
  • Dimensional Shift: First Step
  • Eldorado
  • New Sky: Eyes of the Watcher
  • Worldship Praxis
  • First Contact: Space Exploration and Murders On Venus
  • Dark and Deep

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