Pampers Free Gifts to Grow Points


Guys use the Pampers Free Gifts to Grow Points and redeem them for exciting things.

Pampers Free Gifts to Grow Points

To get five free points from pampers use the following code:

  • Twitgh84de2cx15

To get fifteen free pampers gifts to grow points enter the following codes:

  • FBTY7E4GK8N3W15
  • TWITKD94S6A5V15
  • The above two codes will expire on 29th August, 2015 so make sure you take advantage of them before the due date

If you are still not a member of pampers gifts to grow then join now as they will gift you 100 free points for just joining pampers rewards as a member.

You can find out the number of reward points you can earn via your ‘pampers’ purchases even before you buy any pampers product. By following the below steps you will be able to know your points before any kind of purchase:

  • Select your child’s diaper size
  • Find the correct pampers wipes or diapers on the given chart listed on the website as per the package
  • Adjacent to the package size points are mentioned

As a ‘pampers rewards member’ you can grow your points with the help of the Grow on program. Let’s see how:

  • You need to enter one code either of diaper or wipes each month
  • The promotional codes available on internet are for another purpose as they are not a part of the grow on program
  • By skipping a month your consistency breaks and you will have to initiate all over from the beginning. So never ever skip a month
  • With the points you earned can be used to select your favourite gifts side by side. As it’s all about earning rewards
  • Keep an eye on your tracker as it will help you determine your progress through the entire year and will also let you select your gifts

Click below to get started:

Pampers Free Gifts to Grow Points


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