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Grab the chance to get a free 2015 calendar by just filling out the short form in order to get a free 2015 Boker’s Scheduling calendar with Metric Conversion Chat. The only thing necessary to grab a free calendar is the company name.

free calendar from Boker

Broker’s Inc is widely known and has manufactures several quality components for over nine decades which includes the stampings, spacers, washers and shims for plethora of applications. To request the free calendar or any important information, you need to fill out the short form that asks your contact information along with your company info. You can request several catalogues, specification tools or call from their representative by submitting the required form. You can get the calendar of this company free of cost by visiting their website and filling the form LINK HERE.

Most of the people talk about the quality. The Boker’s company dedicates every department to the meet their quality guidelines. The mission and the goal of their quality assurance process is to assure all the custom metal stamping products manufactured by the Boker’s comply with all of the specifications and standards prescribed by their customers.

About Boker’s
Boker’s has accumulated more than thousands of stock tools for instant availability to manufacture the non- standard spacers, shims and flat washers from more than two thousand materials. If the tool is not available according to your needs then Boker’s can make custom die in just a few hours. So whether it’s a unique flat washer or a custom based washer such as a bevelled washer, tab washer or the spring washer Boker’s are expert in supplying one of the best precision spacers, shims and washers to meet your specific criteria.

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