Savour the Thrilling Taste of Fanta Green Apple Slurpee


Are you tired the traditional taste of sugary candies? Have a touch of sour flavour in your candies by bring Fanta Green Apple Surplee. It sweet and sour taste will delight your taste buds and give you a never-ending desire to have more and more yummy candies. To add in your excitement, 7-eleven is giving you freebies so that your never-ending desired can be fulfilled with great pleasure and less price. Now you can acquire these candies at low price and make your taste buds happier than before.

Free Green Apple Slurpee

7-eleven is offering you free coupon that would be your key to discount-door. So avail this toothsome offer by following the steps mentioned below:

  • If you have Android or iOS phone, download the app of 7-eleven.
  • Now you need to register yourself so that discount-process can be initiated.
  • After getting registered, go to the Savings section and get your coupon now.
  • Remember! Don’t click “Redeem” until you are going to use the coupon. As the time is only 15 minutes so you need to manage accordingly to avoid wasting the opportunity.
  • Don’t forget the expiration date is 16th January 2015.

So, stop wasting time and get download your application now. Use this offer to get a huge number of candies and present them to your kids as well. Relish your moments of enjoyment with loved one and have eye-opening sour candies again and again. DOWNLOAD APP NOW FROM FOLLOWING LINK!


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