Send a Free Valentine’s Day Gift Card


Are you excited for this Valentine’s Day? Let’s double your excitement with this lovable freebie. Valentine’s Day is all about expression of love via opting different ways such as chocolates, candies or greetings.

Send a Free Valentines Day Gift Card

The idea of expressing your emotions via greeting card will never get old.

  • You can also opt for this idea by grabbing this freebie to send a Free Valentine’s Day Gift Card to your special someone.
  • You can get the free sample card from Kulapix as they are offering people a 5×7 size portrait or folded portrait inside.
  • So, put anything inside the card to let your loved one feel special.
  • You can start making your card according to your own specifications. Do not forget to use the code “SENDLOVE” at checkout to grab it for free.
  • This offer gives you the authority to select the envelopes yourself
  • There is a limit of one person per household
  • The free shipping facility only applies within Canada
  • This offer ends on February 6, 2015

You can discover your hidden creativity and create something which you will cherish for your entire lifetime. All the photos you post or upload on your favourite web portals will fade in time as the site loses its craziness but printed photos will always pass the test of time and that’s what Kulapix is all about.

They give you the authority to create and customize your photos and they will send them to you in a digital form by printing your memories as a perfect portrait so that you can re-live those moments whenever you want.

So, if you ready to make this Valentine’s special for the special person of your life then click below:

Send a Free Valentine’s Day Gift Card


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2 thoughts on “Send a Free Valentine’s Day Gift Card

  1. Cassie Ramose

    Thank you! I know its not Valentines day but this is really a nice freebie anyways for my boyfriend!

  2. Eileen

    I was looking for a surprise to give to my husband, and this free valentines day gift card is just perfect for him. He prefers ecards far more than regular ones and I’ll keep it a secret from him that I’ve got it for free here. Thanks!

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