Shell Fuel Rewards


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Shell Fuel Rewards

  • By joining Shell Fuel Rewards network program you will be able to spend less on gas and therefore you can spend more on the other things you need
  • If you join instantly you can earn 25¢/gal right after your first fill up at any of the participating shell station
  • Do what you are already doing like shop, dine out, buy groceries and many more and earn fuel rewards savings with each activity you do
  • You can use the savings of the fuel rewards when you fill up at a participating shell station and witness the price drop at the pump

In order to make yourself eligible for the Shell 25 ¢/gal sign up bonus offer go through the following steps:

  • You must be a new member of the fuel rewards program
  • You need to obtain a fuel rewards card
  • Plus you are required to make an initial fuel purchase of minimum 8 gallons of fuel only at the participating shell station via your fuel rewards card
  • Your one-time bonus will be posted to your account of fuel rewards within the period of two business days after your initial purchase
  • This is limited to a total of around one million redemptions during the promotion
  • This offer will end on 31st May, 2015 at 11:59 PM CST

You can redeem the fuel rewards savings with your fuel rewards network card at any of the participating shell stations. The fuel savings are restricted to 20 gallons of fuel for single purchase per vehicle. This amazing network program is operated by the ExcentusCorportation.

The following rewards you will get when you register for its membership:

  • The members of the fuel rewards pay almost an average of 20 ¢/gal less when they fill up the gas
  • Plus you will save at least 3 ¢/gal when you fill up at any of the participating shell station
  • Further you can use these savings of fuel rewards at any participating shell station. There are more than 10,000 shell stations nationwide

There are some ways via which you can earn more rewards. They are:

  • Online Shopping: You can shop online from plethora of places in the online mall
  • Dine Out: You can select from more than 10,000 restaurants or bars to dine out
  • Purchase Groceries: Yes, you can also increase your reward points by purchasing grocery items

So, quickly grab this offer by clicking on the link below:

Shell Fuel Rewards


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