What is Bill Gates Net Worth?


Do you know Bill Gates Net Worth?
How much money does bill gates have? A lot! Bill gates is the richest person in America & the world with a Net worth of $79.30 Billion USD! William Henry “Bill” Gates III (was born on 28th Oct, 1955) earns his money from his company Microsoft.

Bill Gates Income Per Hour

He roughly earns over $200 per second from his company Microsoft, Isn’t that amazing? This is something that a lot of people aspire to make in a week. This translates to over $7 billion dollars every year. He also does a lot of philanthropic activities which makes him a very generous billionaire.

Bill Gates Net Worth In US Dollars.

Interesting facts on Bill Gates Net Worth:

  • If bill gates decides to give away $20 to every person on the planet, he would still be left with over $5 million. Isn’t that cool?
  • If he decides to repay America’s entire nation debt, he can easily do so within a decade!
  • Bill Gates age is 59 years. if he had to live another 30 years, he can spend $7 million every single day.
  • Bill gates earnings per day is roughly $20 Million. A lot of Top level company CEO’s make this in about a year.
  • If dropped a $1,000 check, technically he shouldn’t even pick it up, because the time spent (Or rather wasted) in picking it up (4-5 seconds) would earn him $1k back.

Bill Gates Net worth vs Age

  1. In the year 1994, Bill Gates had $10 Billion.
  2. In the year 2001, he had around $15 Billion.
  3. His net worth increased sharly, in year 2005 when his total worth was $30 Billion.
  4. In year 2007, Bill Gates had a total worth of $46 Billion.
  5. In 2008, his net worth increased to $60 Billion.
  6. In 2011, Gates worth reduced to $45 Billion.
  7. At present he is roughly worth $80 Billion.

Bill Gates Wealth Index

Another way to examine bill gates wealth is as follows –
Consider an average american is worth $80,000 dollars. Now when we compare them to Bill Gates, they are 1000,000 Times poorer than Mr. Gates!

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  1. sharona

    $80 billion worth and he just donates millions?? Doesn’t really seem generous to me!

  2. Cameron

    I cpnsider it generous like do you see any other people donating, he has the Bill & Melinda Foundation that he put $17 billion dollars into to help so… dont even

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